Blackstone – Who Are They?

An Alternative Global Investment Firm

Blackstone is a world’s leading alternative asset management, private equity and financial services firm providing innovative and market leading products and solutions to multiple business, governments and financial institutions across the world.

Founded in 1985, Blackstone has grown into a leading global financial firm with offices located in Europe, the Americas, the Middle-East, and Asia-Pacific. They specialize in alternative asset management investments including private equity, real estate, hedge fund solutions, infrastructure and capital markets strategies.

History of Blackstone

Blackstone was founded by Stephen Schwarzman, Peter Peterson and James D. Robinson III as a private equity firm in 1985. Since then, they have grown to become one of the world’s leading alternative asset management and financial services firm. Blackstone is among the most iconic and successful private investment firms in the world issuing over 890 investment offerings totaling over $154 billion in assets.

In 1993, the firm completed the acquisition of its first public equities fund. Within a decade, that one fund had grown fivefold in size, leading to Blackstone’s initial public offering (IPO) in mid-2007.

Since their IPO, Blackstone has grown rapidly, diversifying their capabilities, expanding to new markets and raising multiple new funds as well as acquiring many businesses and launching new service lines. Blackstone has established itself as a global leader in alternative asset management and a formidable force in the financial services industry.

The Firm’s Focus

Blackstone’s core focus areas include the following:

    • Private Equity – Blackstone provides private equity investments for corporations, businesses, and governments. They identify, analyze, and invest in companies with the potential for growth or restructuring.
    • Real Estate – Through their investment vehicles, Blackstone invests in real estate assets across the globe. They focus on acquisitions, capital markets, operating platforms, and capital structure management.
    • Hedge Funds – Blackstone invests in hedge funds with the aim of helping investors improve their portfolio diversification, reduce risk and generate returns. They focus on both traditional and innovative strategies.
    • Infrastructure – Blackstone is involved in various infrastructure investments, including energy and transportation. They focus on projects and assets that are expected to generate strong, stable income, while simultaneously providing essential services to government and consumers.
    • Capital Markets Strategies – Blackstone provides innovative capital markets strategies to improve investor portfolios. They work with governments, corporations, and financial institutions to develop customized investment products.

Impact on Global Markets

Blackstone has had a significant impact on global markets by providing innovative alternative asset management and financial services of a high quality. Their investments have had a positive influence on both the public and private sectors, stimulating economic growth, providing stable returns, and enabling companies and businesses to reach their potential.

In addition, Blackstone has helped investors and businesses alike in managing their risks, while also providing valuable insights into global markets. Blackstone’s presence in multiple global markets has led to increased liquidity and better liquidity management.


With offices and operations located globally, Blackstone continues to be a major force in the financial services industry and a leader in alternative asset management.

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